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Q: When is a survey advisable?


ABEFORE title in land is transferred. A survey establishes the accurate location of the property corners and boundary lines.  If there is a problem or issue with the property, a survey will bring these issues to light.  This is something you want to have complete BEFORE your purchase of title.  Once you sign on the dotted line at closing, any and all boundary problems are now yours to deal with.

BEFORE land is subdivided by deed, by will, or by court.

BEFORE land is developed by construction of structures, roads, fences, or other improvements.

BEFORE an easement or right of way is created.

BEFORE a boundary dispute arises or when you believe someone is encroaching upon your land.

BEFORE timber is cut and removed

Q: How much will a survey cost?

A:  The cost of a survey is directly proportional to the amount of effort involved in the work.  Some variables that are considered include topography and condition of the parcel, size of the parcel, availability of record documents, time of the year and weather conditions, and the existence of corner markers and history of past surveys.

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